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Sampling distributions and random variables.

It's 10 PM - do you know where your trash can is? In our neighborhood, there have been a varying number of black bear visits each year over the past six years. These visits usually result in a lot of late night noise and mess to clean up in the morning, as the black bears tip over the trash cans and dine on the contents. The number of these black bear visits each year since 2000 is shown below:

(see chart in attached file)
a. Let the random variable X = Number of Black Bear Visits per Year, and construct a probability distribution (table and chart) for this population, i.e. show X and P(X).

b. Construct the sampling distribution of the sample means (table and chart) for n = 2.
c In words, what does the random variable, X, (X-bar) stand for in this problem.

d. Compute the mean of the sampling distribution; how does this compare with the population mean of the distribution in part a.


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