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    Independent variable for ballet training of baseball team

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    A coach in a large high school thinks that ballet training will improve the batting performance of his baseball team. He decides to have a randomly selected half of the team take six weeks of ballet training before the baseball season begins, while the other half does not take such training. He will then compare the season batting averages of group A (those with ballet training) and group B (those without ballet training) by comparing the mean of group A with the mean of group B.

    An independent variable is:

    a. ballet training
    b. batting average
    c. runs batted in
    d. the size of the school
    e. the grades the players make in the ballet school

    Explain the differences between longitudinal and cross sectional business research studies.

    Which two types of probability sampling are best suited for business research and statistical data analysis, and why?

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    So the IV is the variable that will be given to the subjects. In this case, the iv would be that half the team members would get ballet training.

    The DV would be improved performance.

    Longitudinal: this is when you ...

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    Independent variables for ballet training of baseball teams are examined.