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    Regression and Correlation.

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    52. Refer to the Baseball 2000 data (Appendix D), which reports information on the 2000 Major League Baseball season.

    a. Let the games won be the dependent variable and total team salary, in millions of dollars, be the independent variable. Can you conclude that there is a positive association between the two variables?

    Determine the regression equation.

    Interpret the slope, that is the value of b.

    How many additional wins will an additional $5 million in salary bring?

    b. Determine the correlation between games won and ERA and between games won and team batting average. Which has the stronger correlation?

    Can we conclude that there is a positive correlation between wins and team batting and a negative correlation between wins and ERA? Use the .05 significance level.

    c. Assume the number of games won is the dependent variable and attendance the independent variable. Can we conclude that the correlation between these two variables is greater than 0? Use the .05 significance level.

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