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Census, Experiment, Simulation and Sampling

I have to state if the answer is experiment, census, simulation, or sampling. I have my answers but I am not certain of one of them.

1)An Analysis of a sample of 20,000 people from LA had suggested that elderly and homeless sue for malpracticeat 1/4th the rate of wealthier patients.

2)The effects of wind on the takeoff and landing of airplanes are studied by computer programs which or that mimic the actual flight.

3)The NFL did a study using the scores for touchdowns and field goals to determine if the field goals were accounted for more scoring than touchdowns.

4)A study of 300 men and women that already had cancer due to smoking we included in LA's study. Half had black lungs and the other half had serious cancer. After 7 months those that had black lungs got cancer.

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