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SPSS Regression Analysis

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1. Create a model for the relationship between the available variables and the test scores.

2. Transform enrollment counts and mean salary for new teachers by dividing by 1,000 and run the regression analysis using the following variables:

enrolled students in 1,000s
per pupil expenditures for gifted programs
per pupil expenditures for athletic programs
average salary for new teachers in $1,000s
percent teaching staff with masters degrees, and
teacher turnover rate

3. From the regression equation you produced above, what would you predict to be the proportion of a district's students passing the state test if a district had the following characteristics:

40,000 enrolled students
$100 spent per pupil for gifted programs
$400 spent per pupil for athletic programs
$36,000 average (mean) salary for new teachers
25% of a teaching staff with masters degrees, and
a 15% teacher turnover rate.

4. Interpret the diagnostic tests available to you (and show the appropriate tables and charts) for detecting the presence of multicollinearity.

5. Complete a management report that provides the model, the regression data, and a discussion of statistics.

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