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Seasonally adjusted forecast model

Metro Food Vending operates vending machines in office buildings, the airport, bus stations, colleges, and other businesses and agencies around town and operates vending trucks for building and construction sites. The company believes its sandwich sales follow a seasonal pattern. It has accumulated the following data for sandwich sales per season during the past four years.

Season 2000 2001 2002 2003

Fall 42.7 44.3 45.7 40.6

Winter 36.9 42.7 34.8 41.5

Spring 51.3 55.6 49.3 47.3

Summer 62.9 64.8 71.2 74.5

Develop a seasonally adjusted forecast model for these sandwich sales data. Forecast demand for each season for 2004 using a linear trend line estimate for sales in 2004. Do the data appear to have a seasonal pattern?

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