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Multiple choice/ short answer See attached revisedq1.doc Word document for the multiple choice questions. Appears part of the information needed to answer was missing from the original posting. The information is now included in the revised document.

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The solution addresses logistic regression. The Night Key shoe company manufacturers glow in the dark athletic shoes.....

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1. A. All three answers apply to a conjoint study, The designer of a conjoint study should choose not choose a subset of combinations, but use all of them, they should choose combinations so that all of the attributes are uncorrelated, and pick enough attributes so that the number of combinations is uncorrelated. This is because the study should promote similarities or differences among the alternatives chosen. The conjoint measurement procedures are applied to identify a mathematical function of the m attributes, which (1) is interval scaled (produces a set of interval scaled output), (2) best corresponds to the set of subjective evaluations (ordinal judgments) of the brand alternatives made by the respondent, and (3) is either a categorical or polynomial function in the attributes for the rank order data.

B. Since there are 3 levels for the first attribute, 3 levels for the second attribute, 3 levels for the third attribute, and 2 levels for the forth attribute, there are a total of
3 x 3 x 3 x 2 = 54 possible combinations of attributes levels in this study.

C. The regression equation is

Y = 6.00*Leather + 2.00*Canvas + 0.67*Rubber + 1.33 Poly + 10.67* Forty + 7.33*Fifty + 0.56*LeByes - 0.111

We have to compare the attributes that are in each choice ...

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