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    Logistic regression analysis

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    In my paper, I look at the effect of immigration on marital status among different ethnic groups. I would like to get a clear interpretation of my binary logistic regression findings. Although I am including the full SPSS output (in an excel format), I am particularly interested in the meaning of all exp(b) and Nagelkerke R Square at step 1.

    Dependent variable:
    marital status (marital) is coded 0=married, 1=divorced

    Independent variables:
    immigration status (eth)* is coded 0=non-immigrant "ethnicity", 1=immigrant "ethnicity"
    Age (age) is a continuous variable
    Sex (sex) is coded 0=male, 1=female

    *the variable "eth" varies. For example, "ethfre" is coded as 0=French non-immigrant, 1=French immigrant. Ethgrm is coded as 0=German non-immigrants, 1=German immigrants. There are 6 ethnic groups overall: French, German, Polish, Italian, Greek and Hungarian.

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