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    Binary logistic regression or OLS

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    In your opirion can you provide and explanation of whether OLS regression or binary logistic regression is more appropriate Also would you explain how you would use the selected analysis, and justify why this type of regression analysis is most appropriate.
    References would be highly appreciated to review.

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    This is kind of difficult to decide. Both have their purposes and having the specific direction dependent on the questions you are trying to answer with the research. I have provided an example of sorts. I also included several sites to review for help explaining both.

    The OLS method is a regression line that is drawn so that it shows the data points with the least deviation. It is chosen to help minimize errors, but it also tries to put a straight line between all the points indicated by the data. The model is looking for the best fit to explain the data relationship and therefore support the theory used. One of the things I do not like about this is, such as in the case ...

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    A discussion of which regression model is best to use, binary logistic regression or OLS.