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Binary logistic regression with SPSS

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Four hundred and sixty-seven lecturers completed questionnaire measures of Burnout (burnt out or not), Perceived Control (high score = low perceived control), Coping Style (high score = high ability to cope with stress), Stress from Teaching (high score = teaching creates a lot of stress for the person). Stress from Research (high score = research creates a lot of stress for the person) and Stress from Providing Pastoral Care (high score- providing pastoral care creates a lot of stress for the person). Cooper, Sloan, and Williams (1988) model of stress indicates that perceived control and coping style are important predictors of burnout. The data comes from Burnout.sav

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of binary logistic regression. The detailed solution is provided for testing of interceptor, slope in regression analysis. Null and alternative hypothesis defined in Hypotheses sections, results is discussed in apa format as well as in simple language, discussion is done in last section of the solution. All the SPSS syntax and output is provided at the end.