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Question on choice of analysis tool

1. We wish to analyze the results from a study which involved the following steps:

A random sample of 500 participants was recruited for the study ? Subjects were allowed to elect to participate in an 3-month exercise program or serve as a control subject (190 chose the program, 310 chose to serve as controls) ? Subjects were monitored for three months, and the primary outcome of interest was whether the subject had at least one cold lasting 4 or more days during the study period In this study outcome of interest is binary, and the predictors/covariates could be continuous (age, total IUs of Vitamin C consumed) and dichotomous (smoking, sex, alcohol use). The most appropriate choice of analysis tool could be:

a. Analysis of Variance
b. Linear regression
c. Logistic regression
e. Generalized Wilcoxon Test
f. Bonferroni adjustment

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C- Since the outcome variable is binary (i.e. subjects had at least one cold lasting 4 or more days - Yes or No) ...

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