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    Bivariate Regression: Identify the Unstandardized Regression Coefficient

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    Using the bivariate regression table attached, determine what the predicted CDRS score would be if the adolescent's RADS score was 70. Provide the (a) bivariate regression equation; (b) identify the intercept and unstandardized regression coefficient, and (c) show how you calculated the predicted Y.

    - Assume RADS is an X (predictor or independent) variable
    - Assume AGE is an X (predictor or independent) variable
    - Assume CDRS is the Y (response or dependent) variable.
    - Assume the level of significance for all statistical tests is p = 0.05
    - Assume the research hypotheses are non-directional.

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    a) bivariate regression equation;

    b) identify ...

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    The expert identifies the understandardized regressions coefficient using bivariate regression.