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Sample Size

The television landscape has certainly been changing in recent years as satellite and cable television providers compete for old-line television networks' viewers. In fact, prior to 2005, the networks had lost viewers in the 18-49 age groups for 10 consecutive years, according to a May 2005 article in the Wall Street Journal by Brooks Barnes. However, according to the article, in 2005 the networks post their first gain in viewers. Suppose that CBS plans to conduct interviews with television viewers in an attempt to estimate the proportion of viewers in the 18-49 age group who watch 'most' of their television on network television as opposed to cable or satellite.

CBS wishes to have 95% confidence and a margin of error in its estimate of ±0.03. A pilot sample of size 50 was selected, and the sample proportion was 0.61. To achieve these results with a simple random sample, how many additional viewers should be sampled?

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