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1. Find the mean of the distribution shown.

x 1 2
P(x) 0.31 0.69

A) 0.96
B) 1.42
C) 1.18
D) 1.69

2. For a normal distribution with mean 5 and standard deviation 6, the value 11 has a z value of

A) -1
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

3. If the standard deviation of a probability distribution is 6.25, the variance is 2.30

4. A stem and leaf plot is useful for keeping more precision than a grouped frequency distribution.

5. What kind of relationship does the scatter plot show between x and y?

A) A positive linear relationship C) No linear relationship
B) A negative linear relationship D) This is not a scatter plot

[Please efer to the attachment for the scatter-plot].

6. A researcher conducted a study to record the colors of students' eyes. The appropriate measure(s) of central tendency is (are):
A) The mode
B) The median
C) The mean
D) Both the mode and the median

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