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Batting Average and Company Claims Analysis

These are the only two review questions I would like assistance with. Thank You.

1. A batting average of .400 hasn't been attained for about 70 years.
Go to the Baseball data set and compute the 99% CI interval for batting means statistically regarding the difficulty of hitting .400. Baseball Stats attached in Excel.

2. Suppose that you were a consumer advocate. Give a scenario of what a company is claiming about their product. Give sample summary data for the mean and std dev for the parameter in question that you have collected to statistically challenge their claim. State your hypotheses, the level of sig that you will use to challenge the claim, the test statistic that you will use and the basis for your statistical decision. Give the numerical result and what this means in terms of what the company claimed.


Solution Summary

This solution addresses both scenarios and conducts a hypothesis test, whereby a null and alternative hypothesis is created. Confidence intervals for the batting average is created and a test statistic is compared with a p-value to either accept or reject the null hypothesis of the company's new product.