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Central Tendency and Sports Statistics Similarities

In baseball, the term "batting average" is used as one way to measure a player's offensive performance. If we were to consider the idea of batting average in a statistical sense, would it be best described as a mean, median or modal measure of central tendency?

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To understand which measure of central tendency is most similar to a batting average, we must first understand how a batting average is calculated.

In simple terms, a batting average describes how often a baseball player gets a hit in relation to how many times they have an at-bat. Note that a hit does not refer to simply making contact with the ball (i.e. hitting the ball), but actually means that the hitter will make contact with the ball and arrive ...

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This solution discusses the concept of batting average in baseball and how it relates to the concept of central tendency in statistics. A simple explanation of batting average is included to foster understanding when considering descriptive statistics such as the mean, median and mode.