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Calculate and interpret descriptive statistics

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Using the following data points (6, 6, 8, 12, 11, 9, 6, 7, 8, 10), create a situational context for the data (for example: the data points represents the number of miles I jogged during my last 10 workouts or the number of applicants that successfully passed the call center simulation to get a face-to-face interview, from Feb 1 until Feb 10). Calculate and post your interpretations of:

A. The Mean, Median, and Mode

B. The two Measures of Spread (Range, Standard Deviation)

C. How you judged the "representativeness" of the MEAN with respect to the original data and what was your "verdict?"

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For part A:

Mean = 8.3 (the average value)
Median = 8 (the middle data point)
Mode = 6 (the most common data point)

B. Range = 6 (largest data point - smallest data point)
Std. Dev. = 2.16282 (square root of variance - the formula you can find in any Stats textbook)

C. The mean ...

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A simple data set is provided. The correct mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation are provided. The calculation of these descriptive statistics is not presented. Focus of the solution is on the interpretation of the statistics.