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    Simple Probability

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    A factory finds,on average, 20% of the widgets produced by a given machine will be defective for certain specified requirements. If 10 widgets are selected at random from the day's production of this machine, find the probability:

    a.) That exactly 2 will be defective
    b.) That 2 or more will be defective
    c.) That more than 5 will be defective

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    Probability of defective item = p = 0.2
    Probability of non defective = q = 1 - 0.2 = 0.8

    Probability of exactly two defective widgets,
    P= (10C2)*p^2*q^8
    =>P = (10*9/2)*(0.2)^2 * (0.8)^8
    => P= 0.301989888
    => P== 0.302 --Answer

    Probability of 2 ...

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