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Statistic Problem on Probability

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A major department store chain is planning to open a store in a new city. Five cities are being considered: Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, and Los Angeles.

A. List the simple events associated with this experiment.
B. Assign a probability to each simple event; assuming each city has an equal chance of being selected.
C. Compute the probability of each of the following events:
G: {Dallas is chosen}
H: {A southern city is chosen}
K: {Los Angeles is not chosen}

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The solution explains probability and provides the solution to the probability problem. A supplementary resource provides definitions, formulas, and other probability examples.

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This problem deals with a probability. A probability provides a quantitative description of the likely occurrence of a particular event.

Probability is conventionally expressed on a scale from 0 to 1; a rare event has a probability close to 0, a very common event has a probability close to 1.

This problem deals with three basic concepts: events, sample spaces, and ...

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