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    Frequency table, Chi square

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    Your colleague, Jerry Martinez, called in sick with the flu today. Your secretary hands you his personal message as you walk in. "Sorry to bother you again, good buddy, but the boss is desperate for this analysis, and I'm under the weather. It contains some missing values, but I think there is enough information for you to complete it in time for his meeting with the officers this afternoon. The data report preferences for the top three brands from 300 of our customers in the three biggest geographical markets we cover. Can you complete the table for me? The expected frequencies should be shown in parentheses. The boss wants to know where we're thick or thin." You mumble to yourself, "No problem, Jerry. Hope you feel better."
    Company Brand
    Market Area 1 2 3
    Northeast 30 ( ) A ( ) 40 ( )
    Midwest B ( ) 50 ( ) 30 ( D )
    Southeast 50 ( ) 20 ( E ) C ( )
    Total 100 110

    a) Assuming the events are not independent, what is the probability thah someone lives in the Northeast market area and prefers brand 1?
    b) Assuming the events are not independent, what is the probability that someone lives in the midwest market area and prefers brand 2?
    c) Is the Chi-square statistic = 66.3?

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    Values for A (40?), B(20?), C, D, and E
    A= 40
    B= 20
    C= 20
    D= 30
    E= 33

    - Assuming the ...

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