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HYPOTHESIS TESTING: Null Hypothesis Relative to Problem and Decision.

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In your environment (business or personal), please describe a hypothesis test related to a decision. What would be your data? What would be your null hypothesis? What would be your alternate hypothesis? What would be your Type 1 and Type 2 errors relative to your decision? Suppose you have a p-value of 0.01, what does this mean relative to your problem and decision? Suppose the p-value is 0.20, what does this mean relative to your problem and decision?

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In a specific company, there are three levels of workers: skilled, unskilled, and manager. The owner of this company wants to know if the level of job satisfaction differs amongst the three levels of workers.

Data: 30 workers in each level are randomly selected to take the job satisfaction survey. The survey asks each worker on a scale of 1-10 how satisfied he or she is with his or her job. The data will consist of 90 ...

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