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    Statistics Problem

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    Please help me with the following problem:

    The city of a particular community consists of five elected residents of the community, two of whom are land developers. The city mayor plans to elect two members at random from the council to study and make recommendations on land use rezoning requests. The composition of this subcommittee is of particular interest.

    a. List the simple events in the sample for this experiment.
    b. Assuming that each pair of city council members has an equal chance of being selected, assign probabilities to each simple event.
    c. Compute the probabilities of the following events of interest:

    D: {Both land developers are selected}
    F: {At least one land developer is selected}
    G: {No land developer is selected}

    Thank you.

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    This problem deals with a probability. A probability provides a quantitative description of the likely occurrence of a particular event.

    Probability is conventionally expressed on a scale from 0 to 1; a rare event has a probability close to 0, a very common event has a probability close to 1.

    This problem deals with three basic ...

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    This solution explains probability and then provides a solution to a problem on probability. Supplementary resources of definitions, formulas, and other examples are also provided.