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Probability that a Surveyed Employee Picked has a Spouse & Degree

The employees of a company were surveyed on questions regarding their education background and martial status. Of the 600 employees, 400 had college degrees, 100 were single, and 60 were single college graduates. The probability that an employee of the company is married and has a college degree is:

A. 40/600
B. 340/600
C. 400/600
D. 500/600

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The easiest way to figure out this question is to set up a table with all the numbers. It should look like this:

Married Single TOTAL
Has college degree 60 400
No college degree
TOTAL 100 600 ...

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Solution walks you through the method for finding the probability of given traits by displaying how to table the data collected by the survey and work from there. 205 words total.