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Proportion and Probability

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According to hypothetical information, 18% of all Americans have hazel colored eyes. A SRS of 25,000 Americans are surveyed and asked about their eye color (assume each of the Americans in the sample has an 18% chance of having hazel colored eyes).

a) Determine the mean and standard deviation of this sample of Americans that have hazel colored eyes.
Mean =__________

Standard Deviation=__________

b) What is the approximate probability that at least 4600 of the 25,000 Americans surveyed have hazel colored eyes? ______________

c) What is the approximate probability that between 4450 and 4570 inclusive of the 25,000 Americans surveyed have hazel colored eyes? _______________

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Solution Summary

The solution outlines formulas and computations to find out mean and standard deviation from the given information. Next, details on how to find out the probability of an observation value are explained.

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The population proportion of haze colored eyes = p = 0.18
sample size = n = 25000
a) Mean(mu) = n*p = 25000*.18 = 4500
Standard deviation (s.d.) of ...

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