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    Important information about Chi-square test

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    Why do researchers use Chi-square statistic?

    a) what type of data is used with the Chi-square analysis?
    b) what are the nonparametric tests that correspond to each type of parametric test? Please lise each nonparametric test with its associated nonparametric equivalent.

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    Some general idea about data analysis
    In data analysis Choose the appropriate test depending on the fulfillment of assumptions by the data and study objectives. The data can be classify as nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio The definition for these measures are given below
    Nominal: Have no meaningful rank order among values, eg: Gender
    Ordinal: Have imprecise differences between consecutive values, but have a ...

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    To know about the nature of the variable is important in data analysis to choose the appropriate test statistics. The definition for different level of measurements are given. The use of Chi-square test is described. A table is give to understand the non-parametric alternative for a given test. The nonparametric tests with its associated nonparametric equivalent is determined.