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Important information about Chi square test for goodness of fit.

A group of department store buyers viewed a new line of dresses and gave their opinions of them. The results are below: Because the largest number (47) indicated the new line is outstanding, the head designer thinks that this is a mandate to go into mass production of the dresses. The head sweeper (who somehow became involved in this) believes that there is not a clear mandate and claims that the opinions are evenly distributed among the six categories. He further states that the slight differences among the various counts are probably due to chance. Test the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference among the opinions of the buyers. Test at the .01 level of risk. Follow a formal approach; that is, state the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis (according to the head sweeper). Note: you will need to enter a column of Expected values so that the buyers are evenly distributed in their opinions. The number of parameters in MegaStat is 0.

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