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    Calculations with Triangles

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    1. Find the grade point average. Assume that the grade point values are 4.0 for an A, 3.0 for a B and so on

    Math Credits (3) Grade A
    English Credits (4) Grade B
    Physics Credits (4) Grade B
    German Credits (4) Grade C

    2. A 2 ft vertical post cast a 12 in shdow at the same time a nearby cell phone tower casts a 118 ft shadow. How tall is the cell phone tower? The cell phone tower's height is___ft.

    3. In a triangle ABC, angles A and B have the same measure,, while the measure of angle C is 21 degrees more than the measure of either. What are the measures of the three angles?

    Angles A and B measure____degrees each
    Angle C measuers ____degrees.

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    1. Grade point average=(3*4+4*3+4*3+4*2)/(3+4+4+4)=2.933

    2. First, 12 inch=1 feet. So the cell ...

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