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    Article strategies: Process Integration

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    See the attached article file (Sharma & Sharma 2010, Process Integration in IT Portfolio Management).

    What integration strategies are proposed in the Sharma & Sharma article? Are there any benefits or limitations?

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    The Sharma and Sharma article (2010, Process Integration in IT Portfolio Management) is about process integration. They discuss about horizontal and vertical integration strategies, and then discuss complementary strategies such as foundation building and innovation.



    * There are a large number of groups and processes under the umbrella term of "information technology" (IT); see figure 1 on page 146

    * Organizations face the challenge of integrating these groups

    * To get a maximum return on investment in IT, the different IT groups must work well together (i.e. be integrated with one another)

    * "Alignment ensures that the bigger organization achieves much more than the sum of its parts. (Kaplan and
    Norton, 2006)."

    * There are currently several models to use for process ...

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    The solution gives a summary of the attached article, including a description of the integration strategies proposed by the authors. It lists the potential benefits of this model.