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Can you tell me where statistics is being used and why it's used in regard to this article?

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1) Assistance is needed in writing a 1 page paper about where statistics is being applied in regards to this article and why it's being used.

2) Based on the research of this article I need to set up two sets of hypotheses (one null and one alternative) that can be tested using ANOVAs.

For question #1, I'm not asking you to write the paper just asking you for some explanations.

My article is attached.

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The solution determines where statistics is being applied in regards to the article given.

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The descriptive part of the article simply summarizes the main findings of the survey on the issue of employers bearing the costs of their employees' insurance. While the numbers quoted have a statistical significance, they are not really enough to perform a statistical ANOVA test. The table at the end of the article can be used to perform such a test. When the data have been obtained according to certain specified sampling procedures, as in this case is MetLife's poll in 2003 and 2004, they are easy to ...

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