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Statistical Difference Formula for Microsoft Access

I am looking to design something in Microsoft Access, but not sure how to do the two statistical calculations.

For example, assume there are two columns of data labeled January and February. In each of these columns are the numbers 0-4.

Where 0=Blank Response, 1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Excellent

I want to know if there is a statistically significant difference between current month and prior month. The data is the result of a post event survey where the club attendees are surveyed on their experiences from the meeting. Food, Speaker, Meeting Location, ...

The specific questions I would like to know solutions/formulas for is if there is a statistical difference for top Box (Excellent) for month to month comparison. Then also for top two box (good and excellent).

What would the formula be for calculating each of the two questions above? Note, I will automatically dropout from the data all of the areas that have a 0 in them as they do not count or included in anyway in the calculations. Those are questions where the attendee skipped over the question.

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Since you are using LIKERT type Scale, the best way is to calculate the column averages. Leave the 0 out as these are missing data points. For rest data points take the average score both for january and feb.
Now take the difference between the two averages and conduct the t- test to see whether the two ...

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This solution provides guidance on calculating statistical difference and significance between current months and prior months on survey results.