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    A Sample of 25 Concessions

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    A sample of 25 concession stand purchases at the October 22 matinee of Bride of Chucky showed a mean purchase of $5.29 with a standard deviation of $3.02 for the October 26 evening showing of the same movie for a sample of 25 purchases the mean was $5.12 with a standard deviation of $2.14. The means appear to be very close, but, not the variances. At a- .05, is there a difference in variances? show all steps clearly, including an Illustration of the decision rule.

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    Solution. Given s1=3.02, s2=2.14, n1=n2=25. We test

    Step 1: Hypotheses:

    H0: sigma1^2=sigma2^2
    H1: sigma1^2 is NOT equal to sigma2^2.

    Step 2: ...

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    This solution shows step-by-step calculations in a statistical hypothesis on a sample of 25 concession stands to determine the difference in prices of the same movie.