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    One Sample Hypothesis Testing: Mall of Ebonia Food Purchases and Customer's Gender

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    Given the following case scenario:

    One hundred customers at the Mall of Elbonia (MoE) were given a brief interview as they concluded their shopping trips. Examine the resulting data in the Mall of Elbonia Interview Results file. For each customer (by row), the spreadsheet attached contains data on:
    The customer's gender.
    How long the customer spent in the mall.
    How much he or she spent on food and clothing purchases.
    The customer's rating of the mall's friendliness and attractiveness.

    A. MoE's concessions manager believes the average amount that mall customers spend on food during a visit has increased over the historical average of $18.75, due to the opening of some new upscale restaurants in the mall. Use the data in the file to test his hypothesis.
    - What is the null hypothesis?
    - Would you reject it at alpha = .05?

    B. In the past, management at the Mall of Elbonia has found that their clientele was about 55% women and 45% men. However, the new director of marketing believes that the ratio might be moving away from that traditional figure to one that is not so skewed towards women. Do the data in the sample represented in the Excel file support his contention at the .05 level of significance?

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