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Hypothesis Tests for Proportions

Given the following null and alternative hypothesis

Ho: μ = 1,346
HA: μ ≠ 1,346
α = 0.05
X = 1,338 σ = 90 n =60

a. establish the appropriate decision rule based on z as a test statistic
b. indicate the appropriate decision based on the sample information and the decision rule
c. Given the decision you reached which hypothesis tests could you have made?

A shopping center developer claims in a presentation to a potential client that at least 40% of the audit female population in a community visit the mall one or more times a week. To test this claim, the developer selected a random sample of 100 households with an adult female present6 and asked if they visit the mall at least one day per week. Thirty-eight of the 100 respondents replied "yes" to the question.

Based on the sample data and a significance level of 0.05, what should be concluded about the developer's claim? Show the decision rule and your analysis clearly?


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