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Significance Tests and Confidence Intervals

Please help with the following problem.

Using the data on the table below, are there any correlations between population changes for the areas listed.

The following is a list of acceptable tests:

regression line and equation; correlation
one-sample t-test
one-sample t confidence interval
matched-pairs t-test
two-sample t-test
two-sample t confidence interval
F-test for variances
one-sample z test for proportions
one-sample z confidence interval for proportions
two-sample z test for proportions
two-sample z confidence interval for proportions
Please complete at least three significance tests and a confidence interval.

Decide which of the tests would best analyze your data. List those tests, state Ho and Ha,
and describe exactly what you expect to learn from each test.


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The following solution selects a test to conduct a statistical analysis on the data. It supplies the null and alternative hypothesis and describes the function of each test on the data.