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    Statistical Testing - T Tests and Proportions

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    1. Do men and women have different beliefs on the ideal number of children in a family? Based on the following GSS2008 Data and the obtained t statistics, what would you conclude? (0.05)
    Men Women
    Mean ideal number of children 3.06 3.22
    Standard Deviation 1.92 1.99
    N 610 610

    2. Data from the MTF2008 reveal that 75.7% (493 out of 651) of males and 62.2% (405 out of 651) of females reported trying alcohol. You wonder whether there is any difference between males and females in the population trying alcohol. Use a test of the difference between proportions when answering this question. What is the research hypothesis? Should you conduct a one-or a two-tailed test? Why? Test your hypothesis at the 0.05 level. What do you conclude?

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    The solution uses t-tests to test the hypotheses provided on whether men and women have different preferences for children in a family, and whether there is a difference in trying alcohol between men and women.