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Hypothesis Testing and Biostatistics

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Part 1

7.109 Suppose we wish to test the hypothesis H0: μ = 2 vs. H1: μ ≠ 2. We find a two-sided p-value of .03 and a 95% CI for μ of (1.5, 4.0). Are these two results possibly compatible? Why or why not?

The mean ±1 sd of ln [calcium intake (mg)] among 25 females, 12 to 14 years of age, below the poverty level is 6.56 ± 0.64. Similarly, the mean ± 1 sd of ln [calcium intake (mg)] among 40 females, 12 to 14 years of age, above the poverty level is 6.80 ± 0.76.

8.3 What is the appropriate procedure to test for a significant difference in means between the two groups? 8.4 Implement the procedure in Problem 8.3 using the critical-value method.


8.5 What is the p-value corresponding to your answer to Problem 8.4?

8.6 Compute a 95% CI for the difference in means between the two groups.
An important hypothesis in hypertension research is that sodium restriction may lower blood pressure. However, it is difficult to achieve sodium restriction over the long term, and dietary counseling in a group setting is sometimes used to achieve this goal. The data on urinary sodium in Table 8.20 were obtained on 8 individuals enrolled in a sodium-restricted group. Data were collected at baseline
and after 1 week of dietary counseling
Table 8.20 Overnight sodium excretion (mEq/8hr) before and after dietary counseling

8.58 What are appropriate hypotheses to test whether dietary counseling is effective in reducing sodium intake over a 1-week period (as measured by overnight urinary sodium excretion)?

8.59 Conduct the test mentioned in Problem 8.58, and report a p-value.

8.60 Provide a 95% CI for the true mean change in overnight sodium excretion over a 1-week period.

A study was performed concerning risk factors for carotidartery stenosis (arterial narrowing) among 464 men born in 1914 and residing in the city of Malmö, Sweden [16]. The data reported for blood-glucose level are shown in Table 8.29.

Table 8.29 Comparison of blood-glucose level between men with and without stenosis

8.111 What test can be performed to assess whether there is a significant difference in mean blood-glucose level between men with and without stenosis? (Hint: F355,107,.95 =
1.307; F355,107,.975 = 1.377.)

8.112 Implement the test mentioned in Problem 8.111, and report a p-value (two-tailed).

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(6) A survey of 144 retail stores revealed that a particular brand and model of a VCR retails for $375 with a standard deviation of $20. What is a 99% confidence interval to estimate the true cost of the VCR?


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(10) A manufacturer of automobile transmissions uses three different processes. The management ordered a study of the production costs to see if there is a difference among the three processes. A summary of the findings is shown below.
Process 1 Process 2 Process 3
Process Totals ($ 100's) 137 108 107
Sample Size 10 10 10
Sum of Squares 1893 1188 1175
What is the sum of squares for treatments?
For problem 10, what is the sum of squares for error?
For problem 10, what is your conclusion at alpha = .05?


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Salesperson # of Contacts Sales ($ '000)
1 14 24
2 12 14
3 20 28
4 16 30
5 46 80
6 23 30
7 48 90
8 50 85
9 55 120
10 50 110

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