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Hypothesis Testing

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Background:The Waterhole bar & grill decided to run a special offer of a free fried zucchini appetizer with the purchase of a pitcher of beer & a sandwich for Monday nights only during the height of the baseball season. A loyal customer who loves baseball and grows vegetables agreed to supply the squash free. Management's objective was to exceed last year's average Monday night sales volume of $1,900. The data for the 12-week period during the fried zucchini special is as follows:


Mean 2216.666667
Standard Error 105.049291
Median 2225
Mode #N/A
Standard Deviation 363.9014186
Sample Variance 132424.2424
Kurtosis -1.184201101
Skewness -0.219902642
Range 1100
Minimum 1600
Maximum 2700
Sum 26600
Count 12

I am trying to solve what is the appropriate null hypotheses for the restaurant above to test: conclude that HO:mu<$1,900
and the value of the test statistic is: 3.01

I having difficulty understanding based on the data and at alpha=0.01, what can the restaurant above management conclude? Decide on: if sales during the zucchini special were no differ. from last year or Sales during the zucchini special decreased from last year or Sales during the zucchini special increased from last year or No conclusion can be drawn.

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Ho: mu < $1900.
<X> = sample mean = 2216.67
s = standard deviation = 363.9014186
n = 12 (small sample : t analysis)
degree of freedom = 12-1 = 11
mu = <X> - t(a)*s/sqrt(n) < ...

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