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    Managerial Research Design and Analysis. See attached file for full problem description.

    For all problems,
    State the H0 and H1.
    Perform the appropriate test and include your printout.
    state your conclusion

    1. It is hypothesized that the mean for the variable family income in the lawn data set is $50,000. Can this claim be supported at the 5% level of significance?

    2. It is known from past records that the avearge lawn size is about 5200 square feet. Does the data for the variable lawn size in the lawn data set indicate that there has been an increase in lawn size. Use the 5% level of significance?

    3. An industrial psychologist wishes to study the effects of movitation on sales in a particular firm. Of 24 new salesperson being trained, 12 are to be paid at an hourly rate and 12 on a commission basis. The 24 individuals were randomly assigned to the two groups. The following data represent the sale volume achieved during the first month on the job. Is there evidence that wage incentives yield greater avearge sales volume?

    4. The green taxi co., a large chain of taxicabs in the east coast, tested twenty tires, ten of brand F and ten of brand G. They assigned one of each tire at random to a car and after 30,000 miles the tires were checked for wear. Is there a difference in the average wear between the two brands at the 5% level of significance?

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