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    Hypothesis Identification for Female Income and the Divorce Decision

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    Prepare an analysis of the attached article and identify the hypothesis described in the article, and explain how the hypothesis statement was used in the study.

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    Many studies have tried to explain the increase in the divorce rate in America (and other industrialized countries) in the 1960's and 1970's and the high divorce rate of today. This study focuses on economic explanations related to the divorce rate. These are the hypotheses being tested:

    1) "The first argues that as the female increases her ability to generate income, she becomes financially more independent thereby making divorce more likely. Inextricably tied to this argument is the relative cost of child bearing. As a female's connection to the labour force strengthens, it increases the transaction cost of child rearing. As a logical consequence, having fewer children reduces the transaction cost of divorce." My summary: As women have more economic and financial power, they are less likely to depend on marriage for their ...

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