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    Null and Alternative Hypotheses and Type I and II Errors

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    Share the null and alternative hypotheses for a decision that is relevant to your life. This can be a personal item or something at work. Be sure that it is mathematical in nature. Additionally, identify the Type I and Type II Errors that could occur with your decision‐making process. Be sure to quantify your hypotheses as much as possible and identify your variables. For example, suppose a newspaper article stated that the average weight of cats is 5 lbs. Suppose you think that the average weight of cats is more than 5 lbs. Then the hypotheses are:

    H0: μ < 5
    Ha: μ >5
    Here μ is the population average weight of cats. This would be an example of an Upper Tail test.

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    The solution gives detailed steps on creating an example with statements of null and alternative hypotheses in real life and identifying type I and II errors.