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    Test of hypothesis using dependent samples

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    A study was done to determine if a new diet plan would decrease weight. A random sample of 14 individuals were weighed before and after the plan with the results listed below: See Data Set for values below.

    Using a significance level of 5%, is there evidence that indicates that this diet plan is effective?_________

    Before Diet Plan 154 214 157 175 198 245 130 144 214 174 240 198 212 160
    After Diet Plan 149 218 154 173 198 240 128 148 212 168 241 195 210 158

    a) State the null and alternate hypothesis.
    b) Determine the rejection region. For example "if z>=1.645 , then reject H0 ".
    c) Determine the Test Statistic.
    d) Conclude either "Reject H0 " or "Do not reject H0" based on your analysis and answer the question.
    e) Determine the p value of the test.

    See attachment below. Please show all work to obtain answers.

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    The hypothesis that the diet plan is effective has been tested.