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Bottled water study

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4.44) A four year study of bottled water brands conducted by the natural resources defense council found that 25% of bottled water is just tap water packaged in a bottle. Consider a sample of five bottled water brands and let x equal the number of these brands that use tap water.
a. explain why x is a binomial random variable
b. give the probability distribution for x as a formula
c. find p(x=2)
d. find p(x <&= 1)

4.54) Suppose you are a purchasing officer for a large company. Ypu have purchased 5 million electrical switches, and your supplier has guaranteed that the shipment will contain no more than .1% defectives. to check the shipment you randomly sample 500 switches, test them and find that four are defective. Based on this evidence, do you think the supplier has complied with the guarantee. Explain.

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4.44) a) since for the water package, it is either tap water packaged or not tap water packaged. Further, each sample ...

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