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    Problem Statement

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    Here is the assignment:

    · Submit a draft of two problem statements that address current situations, issues, or observations in your field of study (Human Resources) or discipline to your individual forum. Back each of the problems with at least two recent sources from peer reviewed journals (within the past 5 years). Each problem description should be written in such a way as to lead to a different research method (quantitative or qualitative).

    · Use the University materials Problem Statement Checklist and the ARB Checklist (see attachments) to accommodate the derivation of an appropriate research design. Consistent with Academic Review Checklist, each problem statement should be approximately one-half to three-fourths of a page in length. This assignment is due by Thursday.

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    This is similar to the last paper, but I think that you're supposed to write your own problem statement, using articles as background information (instead of identifying the problem statements in the articles themselves).

    You can base it on the articles that you used in your last assignment, but try to find a couple more articles so you can get even more information on the topic. Or, you can choose another topic if you want.

    Think of a question that (based on what you have read in HR articles) currently doesn't have an answer. If you are going to base this assignment on the same topic as last time, maybe it could be something like "What effect does the management style of a supervisor have on the likelihood than an employee will return to work after taking an extended leave of absence?" You know from your ...