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Problem with statistical information

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I have attached my methodology with statistical information. I used chi square to compare relationships, and I need assistance in the validity of the diagnosis. I believe I did it correctly. Can someone review the information, and let me know if it makes sense. Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated. Specifically, I am concern with the way my information is written. How can I present the data satistically based on the data given. It should be done in APA style, but I am uncertain if I am presenting the information correctly. Please help.

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If you can't read it correctly, please refer to the attached MS WORD file.
<br>I think it is a little vague when you state your hypothesis and the basic idea behind the test. You are actually analyzing the effect of affirmative action plans, not simply the "relationship between the total females and total minorities". Therefore, the test should focus on the difference between their employment before and after the affirmative action. And then make the chi- square analysis to study the ...

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