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Statistics - Formulate the LP model

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The solution of the problem has to be detailed and the values have to be computed by hand, without using excel or some other software program!

Thompson Distributors packages and distributes industrial supplies. A standard shipment can be packaged in one of 3 types of containers: A, K, T. A single class A container yields a profit of $9, a class K container yields a profit of $7 and a class T yields $15. Each shipment prepared requires a certain amount of packing material and a certain amount of time as shown in the table below. They have 130 pounds of packing material and 240 hours of packing time. Jason Thompson, head of the firm, must decide the optimal number of each class of container to pack each week. He is also boiund by the fact that he must also keep his 6 full-time packers employed all 240 hours each week. Formulate the LP model but do not solve.

Class of Container Packing Material (pounds) Packing Time (hours)
A 2 2
K 1 6
T 3 4

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