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The Weedwacker Company manufactures two types of lawn trimmers: an electric model and a gas model. The company has contracted to supply a national discount retail chain with a total of 30,000 electric trimmers and 15,000 gas trimmers. However, Weedwacker's production capability is limited in three departments: production, assembly, and packaging. The following table summarizes the hours of processing time available and the processing time required by each depart, for both types of trimmers.

Hours Required Per Trimmer
Electric Gas Hrs Available
Production 0.20 0.40 10,000
Assembly 0.30 0.50 15,000
Packaging 0.10 0.10 5,000

Formulate the LP model as a spreadsheet using excel solver and answer the business question, that is, what is the optimum solution (how many ot make of each model)

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