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    Linear Programming model

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    5. Bob Brown's 40th birthday party promised to be the social event of the year in Illinois. To prepare, Bob stocked up on the following liquors.

    Liquor On Hand (ounces)
    Bourbon 52
    Brandy 38
    Vodka 64
    Dry Vermouth 24
    Sweet Vermouth 36

    Bob decided to mix four drinks for the party: Chaunceys, Sweet Italians, Bourbon on the Rocks, and Russian Martinis. A Chauncey consists of ¼ bourbon, ¼ vodka, ¼ brandy, and ¼ sweet vermouth. A Sweet Italian contains ¼ brandy, ½ sweet vermouth, and ¼ dry vermouth. Bourbon on the Rocks contains only bourbon. Finally, a Russian Martini consists of 1/2 dry vermouth and 2/3 vodka. Each drink contains 4 ounces. Bob's objective is to mix these drinks in such a way as to make the largest possible number of drinks in advance. Formulate a LP model for this situation.

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