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    Frequency Distribution Tables,Histogram & curve, Key Points

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    This is a practice exam question for my stats course that I am taking. If you would be able to help me solve this question, and with some instructions, that would be fantastic.

    Following is the data on the 'Left -Ventricular-Ejection-Fraction' LVEF in percent of 30 diabetic patients with abnormal cardiac condition:

    68 76 78 71 67 76 94 53 58 60 76 82 64 61 62 67 82 65 74 40 68 57 68 64 71 76 78 52 78 60

    Construct a frequency distribution table after forming categories of LVEF data with interval length of 9% LVEF.
    Hint: 1st interval: 40-49%, last interval: 90-99%
    Generate table for the 'Relative' and 'Cumulative Relative' Frequency Distributions of these six categories of LVEF data. Sketch a histogram for the relative frequency distribution and the curve for the Cumulative relative frequency distribution. Determine the 'Modal' value from the histogram and the Median (50th percentile) value from the cumulative relative frequency curve.

    Give pertinent pieces of information of such a group of patients about their cardiac condition based on the LVEF data of this sample of 30 diabetic patients.

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