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    Mean Squares & Population Variance

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    Answer the following, carrying your intermediate computations to at least three decimal places and rounding your responses to at least one decimal place.
    A) Given an estimate of this common population variance based on the variance of the sample means given.
    B) Give an estimate of this common population variance by pooling the sample variances given.


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    ANOVA: Mean squares and the common population variance
    In an effort to counteract student cheating, the professor of a large class created four versions of a midterm exam, distributing the four versions among the 344 students in the class, so that each version was given to 86 students. After the exam, the professor computed the following information about the scores (the exam was worth 200 points):

    Group ...

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    Word and Excel documents show how to estimate common population variation based on variances of sample means and by pooling sample variances.