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Designing an Experimental Study

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My example is this: I have been approached by a pharmaceutical company that has developed a new drug, which is supposed to be effective in the treatment of schizophrenia. Before I begin mass-producing the drug, the company wants to be sure that the new drug is more effective than the one they are currently producing. The company has hired me to design a research study to determine the effectiveness of the new drug, in comparison to the old one.

My question is: what type of research design would I use for this study and why? How would I determine the effectiveness of one drug over the other?

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The expert designs a study for research on a new drug development.

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The research design I think you should use is a double-blind experimental study. You would randomly assign patients to two groups. One group would get the currently used drug, and the other group would get the new drug. Neither the patients nor the doctors would know who was getting which drug (you could call the drugs "Drug A" and "Drug B" so the doctors wouldn't know ...

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